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Baby Brand Spotlight: DockATot


Meet DockATot

DockATot began with founder, Lisa Furuland, designing her first baby lounger in Sweden in 2006 when her son was born. Living in a small seaside town, docks are considered safe harbors. She set out to create the perfect secure place for parents to place, or dock, their little ones. In 2015, DockATot brand launched in the US. Growing rapidly, by 2019, DockATot became available in over 2,000 US and Central America stores. According to The Bump’s Real Mom Reviews, DockATot helps baby stay asleep longer, leading to 10-hour-long stretches of sleep that benefit the whole family.

Products We Love:

Willow Boughs Deluxe+ Dock

willow dock

The DockATot Deluxe+ dock is an award-winning multifunctional docking station for babies 0-8 months old. The Deluxe+ dock is the ideal spot for babies for supervised lounging, playing, cuddling, diaper changes and tummy time. Created to mimic the womb and voted as a must-have baby product from parents around the world, it can be used around the house and is ideal for travel. The Deluxe+ dock passes robust testing to ensure a safe environment for little ones. This brand combines functionality, innovation, and quality into their pod for baby. It’s made with Oeko-Tex certified materials that are washable and provide a hygienic micro climate. We find the willow leaf pattern on this dock to be delicate and beautiful for baby’s nursery and all around the house. Along with being a useful must-have dock for baby, this pattern makes the dock a stylish statement piece for your home.

DockATot Woodland Sleep Bag

DockATot offers accessories, toy sets, travel bags and more to keep your baby safe, comfortable, and happy. An item we adore is the DockATot Woodland Sleep Bag. This wearable blanket keeps infants warm all night long. It features a side for easy diaper changes and shoulder snaps to make it simple and convenient for parents to put it on and take it off their baby. It features a beautiful and elegant unisex forest design and is reversible with a solid blue on the other side.

dockatot wedgeLa Maman Wedge in Strawberry Thief Pattern

Nursing pillow or decorative pillow? This product is both! The adorable birds and strawberries patterned pillow curves around the body to support baby or mom’s arms during nursing sessions. However, you won’t mind leaving this unique and stylish nursing pillow out on the couch when you have visitors.

A Fashion-Forward Company

DockATot combines functionality, innovation, and quality with chic design. They believe that your home should reflect your style, and the baby products you chose for the nursery should also complement your particular aesthetic. We find the beautiful and whimsical DockATot patterns to be inspiring and delightful. With the many colors and fashionable patterns DockATot offers, you’ll indeed find the perfect style to complement your unique home decor.

There’s so much we love about the DockATot brand, and we know you will love them too!

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