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Baby Brand Spotlight: StoryCaptain


story captain books

StoryCaptain is a children’s book subscription that fosters a hunger for learning about our great, big world! We love this brand and think you will too. Here’s a look into this awesome company.

Q & A With StoryCaptain

For What Ages Is This Subscription Appropriate?

The WobbleCaptain club features board books and is generally appropriate for children between 0 and 3 years old. Children between the ages of 4 and 7 generally join the CuriousCaptain club, which will send you picture books monthly. However, these are just guidelines as all children are unique. If you join and decide to make a change, they are happy to move your child into a different club partway through a subscription!

How Many Books Will Come in a Box?

The WobbleCaptain Club will feature three board books every month. CuriousCaptain Club members will receive either 2 or 3 picture books.

How Do They Choose the Books?

They undertake an extensive process to identify books that bring together great stories, have beautiful illustrations, and are sure to spark your child’s imagination. The selection starts by compiling a list of all the books that relate to their theme and review each and every one – often hundreds each month! The final selection includes input from two experts: a children’s librarian and a highly accomplished children’s author. Each month, they aim to uncover two to three hidden treasures per club that are not already on your bookshelf and that showcase diverse perspectives on the theme.

Why Is It Important to Read to Children?

Reading aloud to your little one is the #1 thing parents can do to set them up for future academic success. The impact lasts for years! Studies done by the Organization from Economic Co-Operation and Development show that regularly reading to toddlers can lead to higher test scores all the way through high school. Controlling for family income, the difference is often more than a half year’s schooling!

What is StoryCaptain’s Mission?

Since books spark so much wonder, amazement, and curiosity, StoryCaptain’s mission is to empower parents to raise little readers. They believe that more readers lead to a world of empathy, understanding, and connection.

What is StoryCaptain’s Origin Story?

StoryCaptain was founded by Mike, an immigrant who loves to read and populate his bookshelves with new ideas, adventures, and travels. After becoming a dad, he and his wife wanted to bring their daughter on their journey. So StoryCaptain was born. Mike’s daughter was the captain, and he was her honorary first mate.

How Did StoryCaptain Grow To Become the Company It Is Today?

After Mike started StoryCaptain, other parents seemed just as excited to use books as a tool to understand this fantastic world. By taking the work out of curating shelves and crafting fun activities to accompany the books, StoryCaptain started to help families spend more time with their little ones exploring cultures, foods, traditions, and places – all through the lens of great stories.

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