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Baby Gift Card Message

baby gift card message

Brainstorming a baby gift card message to include with the gift card you give your expecting loved one? We can help! Here are a few tips for writing the perfect heartfelt note to the mother-to-be or father-to-be in your life.

Take Your Time

Give yourself a few days to write a personal message to give alongside the gift card. Draft it on a scrap piece of paper before writing it on an actual card or in a book you give to your loved one. We recommend letting some endearing words and thoughts about your loved one flow without thinking of grammar or spelling. Then, come back later or the next day to edit it for the technicalities.

Make It Personal for the Parent

Re-affirm what you admire about the soon-to-be parent in your life and how proud of them you are in your note. Focus on them and what they might want to hear from you while they prepare for the new addition to their family. Consider wrapping up your message by conveying your support by letting them know how much you care.

Make It Personal for Baby

Even if baby isn’t here yet, an expectant parent will be happy to see notes written to their little growing love. Writing that you can’t wait to meet them and naming your relationship with them is profound. It also tells mom and dad what you would like to be called. For example, Grammy is counting down the days until she gets to hold you!

Consider Writing Your Baby Gift Card Message in a Book

Are you aware there’s a new trend of giving books instead of cards at baby showers? Consider writing your message on the front cover of a baby book instead of on a card. Your loved one will appreciate the sentiment every time they open the book. While a card is easily lost or discarded, a book will last in baby’s library for a long time. Your loved one and their new baby will cherish the book and read your message for years.

Our baby gift cards are extra special because they feature cute characters fromĀ Oli Kid Co. A book with characters to match the gift card you give is the perfect way to show your loved one that you care.

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