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Giving a Baby Shower Gift Card

baby shower gift card


If you’re going to a baby shower soon, you may wonder what kind of gift to give. Consider giving a baby shower gift card! Gift cards provide the recipient freedom to buy what they want and what they need. When they buy something for their baby using the gift card you gave them, they’ll remember you whenever they use the item.

You’ll Be Giving the Gift of Freedom

Everyone’s taste in baby clothes, baby toys, and must-haves for their little one coming is different. Giving a gift card gives the recipient the freedom to buy what they want from you. They can use the gift card for what they want and when they want. Suppose they are all stocked up on infant clothes, but they save the gift card you got them for a later date. They can then use the gift card at that later date to buy bigger clothing sizes as their little one grows. They’ll appreciate you long after the baby shower has ended!

The Item Purchased With a Gift Card Will Be Original

You know you won’t be getting your friend or loved one something they already have. If you bring a gift, you risk another guest bringing the same or similar gift. However, while you may not be the only one giving a gift card, your gift card is sure to be used for an item the recipient doesn’t already have.

Gifting a Gift Card Saves You Time

A gift card benefits both you and the recipient. Rather than running from store to store to find the perfect gift, your gift card will be mailed right to you. You can even have the gift card sent directly to your friend or loved one receiving it!

Consider Pairing Your Baby Shower Gift Card With a Book

Our baby gift cards are extra special because they feature cute characters from Oli Kid Co. A book with characters to match the gift card you give is the perfect way to show your loved one that you care. Consider gifting Oliver Poon’s three-book bundle. Children’s books are an excellent gift for expectant parents and babies. Reading to babies has numerous incredible health and development benefits. Instead of writing a note in a card that will inevitably be disposed of, write a note inside of the book! The book with your message will surely be cherished for years and years to come.

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